Tahya Misr chooses Kuwaiti investor Abdullah Al Shaheen as first Arab ambassador

(Daily News) The Tahya Misr Fund announced that it will choose Kuwaiti investor Abdullah Al-Shaheen, chairperson of FEP Capital, as the fund’s first Arab ambassador to the world, as part of the fund’s international ambassadors initiative.

The announcement took place during the opening session of the 12th Money and Finance Conference held on Tuesday to discuss global competitiveness.

The International Ambassadors Initiative of Tahya Misr Fund aims to extend the fund’s global relations and expand to reach millions of Egyptian communities abroad. Ambassadors of Tahya Misr will speak for the initiative and work to increase contributions of the fund.

Al-Shaheen was chosen for being a respected local and global business leader.

Al-Shaheen announced his intention to form a work team of experts in different fields so they can work according to scientifically studied moves to attract new investments or bring in foreign experiences to push the Egyptian economy forward.

He added that he will organise several tours around the Arab world, as well as to Western countries, to promote investment in Egypt.

He noted that Tahya Misr Fund will not seek aid, but will pursue investment and development.